We want to share the good news and pragmatic progress on the Silk Road to Peace project with you on Saturday, November 30, 2013 at 7:00 pm. We have invested a lot of time and effort, faith and trust in Iran, when very few others did. Saturday's pragmatic debriefing is a tribute to the special people and places inside of Iran, without political agendas or imperial propaganda. If you like to learn from history and travel, make friends with people and breath in nature, finding joy and splendor, work together as a multidisciplinary team, this may interest you.

We seek like-minded partners and patrons, visionaries and independent thinkers, professionals and laypeople, to join us as we rebuild the old Silk Road into a sustainable bridge between East and West, the past and future, - a lasting road to peace, one caravanserai at a time. You too can be a stakeholder in this leading-edge demonstration project and international paradigm shift.

Please RSVP, jdo at ecobuildings dot net or j.ostrowski at ucalgary dot ca. Seating is limited.

To find room 3257, use the "interactive room finder": http://www.ucalgary.ca/fmd/buildings/professional_faculties.

Thank you for considering this invitation to hear our plans and see our progress to:

• build peace, not war

• rely on truth, not deceit

• promote cooperation, not hostility

• include, not exclude

• advance education and ecotourism 

• collaborate, not sanction

• seed sunrise, not sunset industries

• give, not deprive

for the people and places in a land called Iran, the starting point for this transcontinental mission, as we continue to research and inspect, plan and design, initiative and test, the beginning of the Marco Polo Trail and BioSphere from Istanbul Turkey to Xi'an China, over the next 10 years.