To our splendid team in Mashhad, including architects, engineers, city officials, historians, archaeologists, professors and other team members, a great THANK YOU and a very wonderful Yalda celebration and holiday, as you reunite in memory of the great times we had together in October exploring the Mashhad region as noted in the Thank You Letter and Certificates of Appreciation, below.

A special thank you to Dr. Prof. Hataminejad of the University of Tehran, Messrs. Bahram Resideh of Golden Brick Construction in Vancouver (1), and Behzad Resideh and Shoeib Ebdali of Faraeen Consulting Engineers in Mashhad.



Silk Road to Peace fellowship+project, Iran 2013

Thank you letter 

Thank you letter link

Certificate of Appreciation:

Dr. Akbari

Mr. Abbass Amirian

Mr. Manoochehr Arian

Mr. Bahram Resideh

Mr. Behzad Resideh

Ms. Sepide Delasaei

Mr. Shoeib Ebdali

Dr. Hataminejad

Mr. Rajabali Labbaf Khaniki

Dr. Majid Labaff Khaniki

Ms. Maryam Najafi

Mr. Hasan Pourhosseini

Mr. Mehdi Seyedi

Dr. Ramezanali Shourabi

Mr. Jasem Teimoori

Mr. Ehsan Zare